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İntek Formwork and Folding

About the Company

We started in 1989 in a 200 square meter workshop. We set off with 2 engineers and 8 workers. Today, we continue with a team of 200 people in 2 modern facilities in Gebze and Düzce with a total area of ​​36,900 square meters. In addition, we are moving towards the goal of becoming a world brand with our exports to more than 30 countries including Western European countries such as Switzerland and Italy, where the quality and occupational safety standards are very high and the successful projects we realize in these countries.
Formwork and scaffolding systems is a profound area of ​​expertise. For this reason, our customers need an expert solution partner who will be at their side at every stage of the business, directing themselves, starting from consultancy service, providing complete service from design, production, logistics, application project, on-site surveillance and preparation to the next project.
In order to meet this need, we, together with our customers during their daily operations, observe what difficulties they are facing at the construction site and focus on providing solutions that will benefit them. We design systems that are simple to use in the field, save time, increase safety levels, are robust enough to be used hundreds of times, and are also economical, and produce these products in high quality standards using advanced technologies based on automation in our modern facilities.
In today's competitive conditions, we know very well that the right design and production quality products are not sufficient for customer satisfaction alone and that the technical support services provided during the project are the key to success. In order to help our customers use the products correctly, safely and efficiently, we provide them with application projects and on-site supervision services. In this way, we not only increase the satisfaction level of our customers, but also continuously improve our products and services by making use of our experience in the field.
We believe that the most important value of a company is qualified human resources. Our employees, who have adopted the fundamental principles that make İntek successful, and their performance and competence are the biggest capital of our company.

İntek Formwork and Folding Products

İntek Formwork and Folding

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