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  • Ofist

  • 2019

Bringing together "horology", known as the craft of measuring and evaluating time, with art and design at Entropia, Ofist aims to meet the needs and functions that can transform over time, with a timeless language.
In this world, where we no longer look at the clock to learn the time, clocks are more valuable than ever. These pieces, which are used as accessories and jewellery, create regulars with similar interests and tastes. Bringing the Cartier, Panerai and IWC brands under the same roof, Entropia Club is planned to be a meeting point for these regulars, a meeting place in this new world where watches are no longer sold in watch boutiques, and a world where you will have a new experience at every visit.
Entropia, which is designed to meet different needs and variable functions, was designed by Ofist, which has international awards, who analyzes the needs of the project in depth, handles each project on its own terms, and combines the excitement of this new project with experience.