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About the Company

Ofist was founded in 2004 in Istanbul by interior architects and designers Yasemin Arpac and Sabahattin Emir. The partners focus on producing designs with the responsibility and awareness of being a part of a city that still harbors the deep traces of different cultures that have lived in this metropolis for centuries in its streets, squares, buildings and citizens.
It is the whole of the process, from the definition of the problem (need) to the end of the physical life of the resulting product (environment/space), which Ofist believes to be only a part of it, realizing that it is an important element.
Ofist tries to continue its work without falling into the trap of alienation due to its professionalism. It focuses on each project with its own conditions and accuracy, and does not apply previously applied solution patterns regardless of the nature of individual projects.
Ofist, which tries to produce solutions with the intense concentration it gives to the time period of the project and the environment, realizes different projects from different sectors; social and commercial, as well as residential projects and product design.

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