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The Istanbul Finance Center (IFC) Project, which is planned to be built on an area of ​​approximately 300,000 m2, aiming to make Istanbul a regional and global financial center; It aims to be the representative and pioneer of innovative and sustainable development with projects to be developed on lands owned by public banks, public institutions and private sector.

İNTEK KALIP - Public Office Towers

The Halk REIT Towers project is a mixed project that consists of two 46- and 34-floor office towers and three 8-storey commercial buildings, implemented on the land within the project, as one of the biggest stakeholders of the Istanbul International Finance Center project, which is carried out under the coordination of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In the construction of the 46-storey office tower with a total construction area of ​​409,664 m2, "RT" wind protection curtains covering 2.5 floors were used for maximum occupational safety, efficiency and protection from the wind.

YDA İnşaat integrated the “RT” wind protection curtains purchased from İntek for the “YDA Söğütözü Residences & Offices” and “YDA Center” projects in Ankara into the 46-floor Halk office tower after the aforementioned projects were completed. The company determined the needs except for the integrated materials and supplied only the missing materials. Thus, a significant saving was achieved in the “RT” wind protection system.

Wind protection curtains are an excellent security system that increases work safety, working comfort, and accordingly productivity, especially in multi-storey buildings, and also protects the people around. This system, which allows the employees to work without being affected by height and weather conditions by closing the entire facade of the building on the working floors, also protects the people around by preventing any material from falling out of the building. The system can be raised by hydraulic equipment without the need for a tower crane, or it can also be raised with a tower crane when desired. A tower crane is needed during the initial establishment and dismantling phases of the system.

In order for the removed formwork materials to be removed from the facades covered by the wind protection panels and transported to the upper floors, 4 sets of "material extraction" platforms were created on the lower elevation of the panels. These platforms are connected to and move with the panels.

ALİMOĞLU MARBLE - Shopping Center

The natural stone supply and application of the landscaping and column coatings of the shopping center located on the lowest floor of the project are carried out by Alimoğlu. Within the scope of this project; Light Travertine, Noche Travertine, Silver Travertine, Pietra Gray natural stones were used.


The financial center project realized by İş REIT is at the heart of IFC, which aims to become one of the 5 largest financial centers in the world. Qubi is involved in the project with VC 7200, VC 7700, DA1, DA3, acoustic heavy barrier and firefoam products.


Duowin took part in the project with Duowin Plus Motorized Guillotine Window Systems.