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  • 2018

Bursa City Hospital with a bed capacity of 1,355, established on a land of 745,000 m2 and a total construction area of ​​470,000 m2; It is planned to provide world-class health services to Bursa and its surrounding provinces. 859 seismic isolators with the most advanced technology in the world, placed in the main hospital building on the campus, which was established from four towers and additional building structures positioned around a common core structure; It makes it possible to continue all operational activities during and after a possible earthquake without being affected by the earthquake.
The hospital, designed in accordance with Leed Gold standards, has the "LEED Gold Certificate", which is the "Environmentally Friendly Construction Certificate".
Belenco Quartz Surfaces products, which have a hygiene certificate issued by LGA Qualitest GMBH, were used on the counters of Bursa City Hospital (drug preparation areas - nurse rooms). LGA certification; It confirms that Belenco Quartz Surfaces containing more than 90% quartz minerals are easy to clean and completely safe in terms of microbiological hygiene after cleaning. Belenco 4227 Fairy White, which is used in an area of ​​2500 square meters in the project, does not emit any gas harmful to human health, like all other Belenco products. This feature of Belenco products has also been certified by the prestigious international Greenguard institution. Belenco Quartz Surfaces can be used safely in schools, health institutions and all other living spaces with product features that increase indoor air quality.
Murfor RND/Z-5-150 (58 thousand meters) was used in the project. Murfor® RND is the wall reinforcement designed by Bekaert, the industry's specialist company, for the safe construction of walls. Complying with today's demanding industry standards, Murfor® RND significantly increases the strength of walls and their integrity with the structure.