Emergency Life Unit - Eco Wohnung

Kingspan Eco Wohnung, Emergency Life Unit is formed with panels made of painted galvanized sheet, filled with IPN Insulation and suitable for four climatic conditions. It is reinforced with steel profile carcass. It can be lifted and transported with the help of crane. It is offered in different equipment such as the empty EW-C (Box), which does not have interior partitions that offer interior design according to your needs, or the EW - D (Full Furnished), where you will find ready-to-use bathroom, kitchen areas, and electrical and water installations.

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It has been designed to be used in construction sites and in many different service sectors, especially in disaster areas, where fast and practical installation and temporary shelter are needed.
- Disaster areas: It is frequently preferred in situations that require temporary use with its fast production, ease of installation and assembly.
- Construction industry: Construction site offices, material warehouse, infirmary.
- Industrial sector: Waste storage, generator cabinet, electrical room.
- Service industry: Home, office, workshop, security booth, cafeteria

• Insulation Foam: "Eco Wohnung" Panels are produced with a PIR (Kingspan IPN) insulation core that does not contain HCFC, CFC and HFC. Kingspan IPN insulation core offers a thermal conductivity value of λ = 0.02 at 10ºC.
• Metal surfaces: Internal and external sheet metal coatings are in EN 10346:2015 standard.

• EW - C (Box): Supplied with 4 wall, floor and roof panels, one door and 2 windows assembled.
• EW - B (Empty): Supplied with 3 doors and 2 windows assembled, covered with 4 wall, floor, roof and interior partition wall panels.
• EW - D (Full Furnished): 4 walls, floors, roofs and interior partitions covered with panels, 3 doors, 2 windows, shower tray, electric water heater, toilet bowl, sink, kitchen cabinet, sink, countertop are delivered as assembled .