Wavin AS+ Premium Low Noise System

Brand: Wavin

Wavin AS+ is an upper segment silent waste water system made of mineral added polypropylene (PP) raw material. Silence performance is improved thanks to the unique raw material components. Thanks to the high density of the raw material, ideal silence is provided. In addition, its application is easy, fast and reliable thanks to the 3-layer pipe structure and the self-lubricating special elastomeric (EPDM) gasket system developed for the muffed connections. Thanks to its special blue gasket, there is no need to use lubricant. It offers compact design for small and narrow spaces. 50% less thrust is needed with the wavy spigot tip.

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The sound emitted by Wavin AS+ AS+ is an ideal solution for installation in multi-storey buildings and in sound-sensitive locations such as apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and libraries. It meets the sound insulation demands of special projects such as luxury hospitals, hotels and residences in the best way.


• Wavin AS+ can be used for water discharge at temperatures up to 90°C and can be used for short periods up to 95°C. It is resistant up to -20 ° C in cold weather. These strength properties make it an ideal solution in drainage areas where wastewater temperature is high, such as kitchen, laundry and industrial waste environments.
• The renewed Wavin AS + meets all standards prescribed for waste water discharge systems (EN 1451-1), including noise reduction and fire resistance (EN 13501-1).