SiTech B1 Low Flammable&Low Noise Pipe

Brand: Wavin

Wavin SiTech B1 pipes based on Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) are used in waste water systems. The system offers advanced fire resistance, low noise level and easy installation features. With its flexible connection and tight fit, SiTech B1 offers a complete solution for wastewater discharge in buildings. Quality of life and comfort is an important issue in building design. Reducing noise in water discharge systems provides great comfort in both living and working environments. Wavin SiTech B1 meets today's construction and mechanical application requirements and also fulfills customers' demands for greater comfort and quality. SiTech B1 is designed to fulfill the requirements of fire regulation 15316.

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Wavin SiTech B1 is an ideal solution for installation in high-rise buildings and sound sensitive locations such as apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, nursing homes and libraries. It can be safely preferred especially in high-rise buildings in accordance with fire regulations.


• Wavin SiTech B1 can be used for water discharge at temperatures up to 75-80°C and can be used up to 55 °C for a long time. It is resistant up to 0°C in cold weather.
• It is in hardly flammable fire class.