GF Aerator Wastewater and Drainage System

GF Aerator New Generation Wastewater and Drainage System Provides a higher safety comfort zone thanks to the design that allows improved hydraulic flow and acoustically optimized PP material. GF Aerator has been developed to adjust the hydraulic balance in the column landing lines for indoor wastewater and drainage systems. Thanks to its unique AAT (Intelligent Aerodynamic Design) design, it provides excellent flow performance, increasing the capacity of the column landing lines and eliminating the need for an additional ventilation pipeline in the parallel-vertical direction. With its mineral reinforced special PP material formulation, it is compatible with all soundproof and fire resistant GF Hakan Silenta wastewater and drainage pipe systems.

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• Office buildings, conference rooms, etc.
• Schools, colleges, libraries, social centres, tutoring centres, etc.
• Hospitals, houses, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.
• Restaurants, industrial kitchens
• All underground drainage systems between the building and the main pipeline
• Sustainable / green buildings
• Waste gas transport in industrial areas
• Industrial areas


• Thanks to the use of a single pipeline (single column landing line), it saves space and labor.
• Combines wastewater, domestic water and ventilation pipelines (in a single column landing line), there is no need to use parallel ventilation pipelines.
• Temperature operating range: -10°C to +97°C. (Max. operating temperature for PVC and PE equivalents is +55°C - +60°C)
• Allows smaller size to be used in high-rise buildings (d110) due to high flow rates.
• It is an easy and fast assembly system with the gasket (Push-Fit) joining method.
• It does not require cutting and welding in assembly, it is mounted quickly and easily as push-fit. Therefore
• It saves cost, time and labor against source-joined wastewater and drainage systems.
• Compatible with all sound insulated and fire resistant GF Hakan Silenta Wastewater systems.
• It provides maximized drainage capacity, thanks to its functional design that allows 6 different connections at once.
• It is 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly. It is made of halogen-free (Halogen-free) PP material. It does not emit poisonous and lethal gas in fire.

Afiti-Licof (Spain): Non-Flammability Report, Fraunhofer (Germany): Sound Performance, TSE (Turkey): Halogen Free Certificate