Fire Resistant Silent Pipe | Silenta FR

Brand: Silenta FR

Silenta FR is a Fire Resistant Silent Pipe system and it provides superior resistance to fires in high-rise buildings thanks to its mineral reinforced structure and does not allow the passage of fire between the floors.

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- Office buildings, conference rooms, etc.
- Schools, colleges, libraries, social centers, tutoring centers, etc.
- Hospitals, residences, apartments, hotels, etc.
- Restaurants, industrial kitchens.
- All underground drainage systems between the building and the main pipeline.
- Sustainable / green buildings
- Transport of waste gas in industrial areas
- Industrial areas


• Silenta FR Fire Resistant Sound Insulated Pipe System In the tests conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute of Germany, the sound intensity was measured as 12 dB (A) at a flow rate of 4 l / s according to EN 14366.
• Combustion behavior according to TS EN 13501 is B-s3, d0.
• It is produced with special formulation with mineral additives.
• Made of PVC-U composite material in single layer structure. This composite structure improves the strength, chemical and physical strength and strength of pipes and fittings.
• High quality gaskets.
• Smooth inner and outer surface provides ease of installation.
• No clogging as it does not form sediment and lime. It provides fast and smooth flow in the system.
• Resistant to corrosion.
• 100% recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Pipe Structure: Single Layer (Special PVC composite structure)
Diameters [mm]: d50, d75, d110, d125, d160, d200, d250
Length of Pipe [mm]: 150, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000
Sound Transmission: 12 dB (A) at 4 l / s (according to EN 14366)
Fire Class: B1 (DIN 4102), B-s3, d0 TS EN 13501
Joining Method: Push-Fit with Rubber Seal and Socket
Clamp: GF Hakan Silent with pipe clamps
Color: Light Gray
Mounting: Ease of installation due to its low weight compared to pig and cast pipes
Chemical Resistance: Resistant to organic and inorganic chemical environments between pH 2-12
Installation Temperature: Minimum -10 ° C - Maximum 60 ° C
Operating Temperature: Minimum -10 ° C - Maximum 60 ° C
Application Class: B / D (building / drainage)
Ring Stiffness: ISO / DIN 9969. Ring stiffness is at least 4.0 kN / m2 in all diameters from 50 mm to 250 mm

Fraunhofer (Germany), Hoch (Germany), TSE (Turkey)