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Speed and Savings in Infrastructure Projects with GF Hakan Plastic

Speed and Savings in Infrastructure Projects with GF Hakan Plastic

GF Waga MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus, which is newly added to the GF Hakan Plastik product group, also saves on inventory costs.
Design for Every Diameter
During the daily work, pipe systems made of various materials can be encountered in the field. These systems need to be connected to new pipe materials, preferably using a fixing fitting. The MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus system helps to connect all pipe materials without special mounting equipment.
The MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus system, which is developed with the design principle suitable for all diameters, offers a wide connection option with pipes in the DN50-DN600 diameter range. Thanks to the unique sealing system, all fasteners can be connected as long as the nominal diameters are the same. The important point for this; pipe outer diameter, fluid type and working pressure.
The system, which has been recognized in the international market for 25 years with its quality, can be used in the fields of water transport, water distribution, gas distribution, waste water, maintenance and repair and industrial application. The MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus does not require special mounting equipment and saves extra time during installation. It also reduces inventory costs.
Unique Sealing System, Reliable Connection
The MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus system is unique because of the its flexible ring (Uni / Flex or Uni / Fix) made of plastic parts and a rubber sealing ring (EPDM or NBR). The Uni / Fix ring has metal grippers that can fix any pipe material with the MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus. In this way, both metal and plastic pipes, 16 bar for water, 8 bar to gases can be provided durable connections.
MULTI / JOINT® 3000 Plus cast iron products are coated with corrosion-resistant Resicoat® powder epoxy. This combination significantly extends the estimated lifetime. Since the system's maintenance-free fittings have a nominal lifetime of 50 years, continuous water and gas supply can be guaranteed; continuous maintenance and repair costs can also be avoided.