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Duravit's Happy D.2 Plus Bathroom Series Brings Together Latest Design Trends

Duravit's Happy D.2 Plus Bathroom Series Brings Together Latest Design Trends

The clear oval shape in the classic design of the Happy D.2 series is also evident in this new addition.

The distinctive lines and consoles of the counter top washbasins combine with short cabinets and round mirrors to help achieve a perfect fit in bathroom design. With the Happy D.2 Plus products, it is possible to create stylish bathrooms in light or dark tones.
The narrow and characteristic flat-top countertop basin is available in three different sizes and two of these models come with a battery platform combined with the basin. One of the eye-catching elements of the washbasins is the new color options. In the washbasins in the series, a combination of Matt Anthracite or Matte Anthracite on the outer surface and glossy white on the inner surface can be preferred.
Harmony surrounding the entire bathroom
The harmonious color concept of the Happy D.2 Plus washbasins is also reflected in the closet and bidet products. The inner surface of the toilet bowl is coated with glossy Anthracite to ensure maximum hygiene. There is also a bright white option for all ceramic parts.
In Happy D.2 Plus furniture, slightly rounded edges, handle-less façades, fine materials and interior lighting options for drawers emphasize the contemporary elegance of the series.
Cabinet sinks with four different size options create additional storage space in the bathroom, while the small shelves of the short cupboards with two different sizes prevent clutter in the bathrooms.
Happy D.2 Plus series of furniture, from wood to light or dark matte surfaces in 11 different surface options, allows users to create their own style. The Super Matte Graphite option also comes with an anti-fingerprint coating. In addition to these options, the Happy D.2 Plus countertop has 6 coating options.
There are two different color options for the round mirrors in the series, while “Radial” or “Organic” models can be preferred for the lighting strips of the mirrors. The mirrors also include sensors that can be used for maximum comfort, light intensity adjustment and optional heating. The mirror-controlled mirror model on the surface of the mirror has a function of adjusting the color of the light as well as the standard heating. In this model, the brightness of the light can be adjusted up to 300 lux and the color can be adjusted between 2,700 kelvin (yellow light) and 6,500 kelvin (white light).
It is possible to feel the elegance of Happy D.2 Plus while taking a bath. The glossy acrylic bathtubs in the range can also be ordered with a Super Matte Graphite coating. Wall or corner models, as well as free-standing bathtub models, offer different solutions for different layout plans. Ergonomically designed bathtubs with a large volume of interior space can be added to the massage system for extra comfort if desired.