HPL-CPL Laminate Sheet

Brand: G-Lam®

G-Lam is produced in two different technologies: HPL is produced in multi-opening presses under high pressure and temperature. By using different types of resins, it can be either postforming or standard quality. Thanks to this technology, HPL laminates offer high wear & scratch resistance and hygienic surface properties. CPL is produced in continuous presses under high pressure and temperature. Other than having similar charactheristics of HPL, CPL offers flexible sizes and thicknesses where the customers can attain their customised requirements.

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Laminate is ideal for use in the retail environment, interior decoration, home and office furnitures, kitchen and bathroom worktops, hotels, schools, public buildings and public transportation, in fact almost any application where increased surface charactheristics are required.

Thickness range: 0,20 - 1,20 mm
Dimensions of HPL: 940 x 2150/1220 x 2440/1300 x 2800/1300 x 3050/1400 x 3660/1400 x 4200/1540 x 3050/1540 x 3660/1860 x 4200 mm
Available widths of CPL: 950 mm - 1220 mm – 1300 mm - 1400 mm
* CPL lengths can be produced in desired length.

EN Classification: EN 438-3 HGS, HGP, VGS, VGP, ISO 9001:2008, TSE, FSC, ISEGA