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Gentaş Group

About the Company

Thanks to its integration with modern world, Gentaş is a leading company in wooden products market with an experience of almost half a century. The experience and knowledge we have acquired over years and our innovative solutions help us reach our target to be the pioneer of the sector. 
Though assertive, our motto “A touch to life” shows how we take part in your life.  We are in your kitchen accompanying you in preparing your tasty food, at your child’s classroom, in your office, in medical center you receive service, in the cafe you feel relaxed, even in stadium you go to support your favorite team, and in many other places you cannot even imagine.
Not only the products we serve to you make us stronger but they also strengthen our commitment to make your life better. Being aware of our responsibilities, we will continue to make significant contributions to our customers, investors and our country's economy with a global vision and considering our motto “a touch to life”.

Gentaş Group Products

Gentaş Group

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