Collective work environments encourage co-production and ensure better results by being aware of opportunities. A team trusting each other; easily realizes what individuals might overlook. In this way, they have more control over the business, run faster and offer better solutions. Produced to increase the collective perspective in offices with its modular structure, Apsis offers you a flexible and suitable working environment for every team. The Apsis table, whose legs and carrier profiles are made entirely of aluminum, has a modular structure that can be easily assembled with its seamless construction. The separator color options and the coating options used for the table give you the freedom to imagine in a wide range.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government institutions, hotels, airports and universities.

Aluminum, Metal, Wood

• The metal legs used in the product are produced in special molds from the material.
• Brackets and carrier sleepers between legs are specially produced with aluminum extrusion profile drawing method.
• Table top and front screen are made of 18 mm thick natural coated material.