Designed in the Bürosit R&D Center, File is one of our simplest and most elegant products. Produced in line with the principles of ergonomics, durability and innovation, this product is preferred in the decoration of minimal and free offices with its simple and strong structure. In addition to its elegance, it is one of the basic components of a comfortable shift with its ergonomic structure. The back section of the net, which prevents sweating by providing air circulation, fully grips the body. Its functional adjustments provide comfort during long hours spent in the office, while the backrest diversified with six different mesh options has a very striking appearance with its elegant lines.

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Venues and workplaces such as offices, financial and health institutions, government institutions, hotels, airports and universities.

Aluminum, Plastic, Fabric

• Imported gas spring is used in the product that provides up-down movement of the sitting group and 360° rotation around its own axis.
• The product is optionally covered with fabric, artificial leather and genuine leather.