Scaffolding System/DokaUniversal

Brand: Doka

DokaUniversal Working Scaffolding is a system that can be easily implemented thanks to its modular structure in the structure that needs any type of scaffolding from simple facades to complex industrial and sophisticated structures.

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With its wedge-lock logic installation, it can be quickly adapted to the desired structure by minimizing the risk of incorrect and incomplete installation.

The product is manufactured with maximum security in accordance with TS EN 12810-1 standards. As the product is developed by keeping the safety element in the forefront, a fully safe working environment can be provided during the installation, use and dismantling stages.
50 cm in vertical direction thanks to the connection part of the desired level of platforming is provided.
It provides labor and time saving thanks to quick installation and dismantling.
Long life thanks to hot-dip galvanized coating.
The system is tested in independent laboratories from raw material purchase to final product.

TS EN 12810-1, EN 12810-1