Protection Screen for High-Rise Construction Safety/Xclimb 60

Brand: Doka

It is a proven and proven safety solution for difficult building geometries, providing variable and gap-free coating for all building projects, ensuring maximum safety and protection from weather conditions. By closing all intermediate gaps, even small parts can be prevented from falling down and the safety standard is additionally increased.

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Thanks to the flexible dimensioning of the screen, it is possible to fully adapt to each project.

The system can operate with or without the crane fully hydraulic system. With just one hydraulic unit, multiple platforms are raised at the same time.
The system can be designed for the required wind load.
Xclimb 60 is supplied with various coatings. The combination of trapezoidal sheet and perforated trapezoidal sheet is a proven safety solution for difficult construction geometries.
Thanks to its flexible dimensioning and expert engineering solutions, it can be adapted to any geometry.

ISO 9001, ISO 14001, PEFC, N-ISO 3834-2, EN 1991-1-1, EN 1991-1-4, EN 1993-1-1, EN 1993-1-3, EN 1993-1-8, , EN 1995-1-1, EN 12811-1, EN 12812, EN 294, EN 349, EN 418, EN 982, EN ISO 12100-1, EN ISO 12100-2, EN 60204-1