Portiscaff H Type Scaffolding

Brand: Portiscaff

Portiscaff H type scaffolding; It is a system that saves labor and time which is designed as easy to install and dismantle. No tools are needed for installation and it can be stocked without taking up much space.

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Exterior facade applications, industrial works

• It can be easily used for all kinds of exterior or building interior lighting, gallery or elevator cavities for any kind of surface treatment (insulation, plaster, paint, cladding, facade, etc.).
• Extremely light, practical and different sizes according to the project can be applied to the design is a system that is preferred because of these reasons.
• As a rigid system is formed by the connection of horizontal and vertical elements, a scaffold installation with high buckling-safe load carrying capacity is realized.
• It is produced with galvanized coating in TSE standards.
• Easy To Install, High Assembled
• Material: Q235 Steel