Modular Formwork Systems

Brand: Portisan

There are two types of modular formworks manufactured; steel surfaced modular formwork and plywood surfaced modular formwork. Modular system formworks can be carried by hand or by a crane by mounting the panels onto each other if required. Thanks to the connection parts such as pins, shafts and levered locks, practical and useful formwork panels can be formed. It is 60% more economic compared to timber.

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Column Production, Curtain Wall Production

• Components with standard sizes are produced for exterior and internal corner curves. Adjustable corner components in different angles are produced except standard 90 corners.
• Soldiers act as support and anchorage between two panels. They also act as carriers in escalating formwork. Since the anchorage with the counter formwork is carried out by means of holes over soldiers, drilling of panels is avoided.
• The surface sheet of wedged panels is made of 3 mm thick sheet. There are wedge holes every 5 cm over edge borders, which are made of 3 mm sheet 8 cm width. There are a couple of support stringcourses depending on the size of the panel. A swift mounting and dismounting is ensured by making special production complied with the Project.
• The edge and middle sheets of pinned panel formworks are made of 5 mm thick and surface sheet is made of 3 mm thick. The edge borders are 6 cm in width and there are pin holes every 5 cm.
• Easy To Install, High Assembled, Easy to carry, Easy to stack.
• Q235 Steel

ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007, EN 3834-3