Exterior Coating

Brand: Integro

Outdoor resistant trees such as Bangkirai, Ipe, Iroko and Burma Teak create seamless and decorative wooden floors for long years. It can be supplied in 10-30 mm thickness, 1-3 meters and above. The lower carcass system of the same type makes it durable for many years. There are also tile types of 50x50 cm and 50x100 cm.

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Balconies, poolside, terraces, gardens, mastic ship decks

Thickness: 15-30 mm
Width: 9-15 cm
Height: 1-3 meters and above
System mounting on the frame with stainless steel screws or invisible screw clips
Tree types resistant to outdoor conditions
Tile types of 50x50 cm and 50x100 cm are also available.

FSC, 2 Years Warranty