Sports Parquet

Brand: Boen Sport

Boen sports parquet, produced in accordance with EN 14904 standards, is produced in 5 different types and types of trees according to the purpose of use in sports halls. These are Boflex, Activeflex Elastflex, Singleflex and Arenaflex. All products are FIBA level 1-2-3 approved. There are also sub-construction systems without parquet that allow PVC coating on it. The products have a 5-year warranty period.

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Basketball, volleyball, fitness, gymnastics, squash and multi-purpose sports fields

Width: 209 mm
Length: 2200 m
Parquet or PVC on the sub-construction system that adjusts the height from spruce wood carcasses
Flexible evazot base mount system with weight distribution and shock absorption
Double lamps and grooves that allow parquet panels to hold together better.

FIBA level 1-2-3, EN 14904, DIN, BS 7044, Blue Angel, Breeam, 10 Years Warranty.