Waterproofing Cover Under Exterior Cladding


It is a highly flammable (fire class Euroclass B according to EN 13501-1), high UV resistant, flexible, light (240 gr / m²), durable, highest level of waterproof (W1), breathable waterproofing cover. DELTA®-FASSADE B protects the thermal insulation against water, moisture, rain, snow, wind and insects and prevents the risk of fire.

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It is designed to be used in curtain wall constructions, under all kinds of closed or open joint siding up to 20 mm from wood, granite, siding coating to glass.

Fire Class B according to EN 13501-1
It is suitable for ventilated and closed or open joint facade designs up to 20 mm.
Ultimate waterproof (W1)
Weight: 240 gr / m²
It is flexible, light and durable.
It has high water vapor permeability.

ISO 9001:2000, CE (EN 13859-1 ve 2)