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The 'GOLDEN PLUMB Architecture Awards', which will be held for the first time in 2020 under the 'GOLDEN PLUMB International Awards' program, will find their owners.
Within the scope of the competition, which will bring together all the companies participating in the award program and the Turkish architects who have just entered the sector, the products of the companies applying for the GOLDEN PLUMB will constitute the main material for the architects who will participate in this competition. Accompanied by the products submitted by the participating companies, Turkish architects who have just entered the industry (owner of an architectural office for 5 years) will compete to create the best design within the framework of the design concept determined for 2020. The jury of the GOLDEN PLUMB Building Catalog Awards will also act as the jury of this competition.
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In the theme of each year, a model / project installation will be exhibited after a design competition where materials from architects and building materials companies are combined. In this category, which has the obligation to use building materials suitable for the theme, the theme of 2020 is "Portable Living Unit".

  • Date:15 April - 15 October 2020


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