Glazed Doors, Partitions and Facades with Stainless Steel

Brand: Remak

Remak manufactures glazed doors, partitions and facades with stainless steel and galvanized steel profile systems and accessories. Doors can be produce in custom design, as single wing, double wing, lift and slide, folding sliding and automatic sliding door in high dimensions.

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In all entrances, entrance and fronts, Buildings near the sea,interior-exterior in all places.

• Stainless Steel Profile,Steel Profile,Glass
• Profiles can be insulated or without insulation, profile thickness can be slim.
• Curtain walls offers excellent heat insulation and can be produced in circular form and desired shapes with facade profile system .
• AISI304 quality Stainless steel surface can be satine or gloss finish.
• Galvanized steel surface can be painted with electrostatic powder paint in desired RAL colors as matt-gloss-grainy. Or, after manufacture, frames can be coated with colored stainless sheets.
• For manufacturers, door and window profile systems and accessories are available on stock.