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About the Company

In 1986, Remak was established in Istanbul, It reflected innovative, creative and manufacturer's identity in steel and stainless architecture applications in construction sector, has signed many prestigious projects in Turkey and abroad,  In the construction sector in Turkey it is one of the leading brands organizations.Remak is a family company established by Mechanical Engineer Muharrem Ulucan and  2nd generation family members also works actively.
Initially working on structural steel construction, fuel pipelines, tank farms, raw material transport systems and industrial facilities, Remak started to manufacture steel and stainless steel doors and windows in 1999. In this period, Remak introduced stainless steel doors and windows to the new market.It continued its production with glass fire doors, bullet proof doors and safe explosion-proof windows. Remak is a precursor company that put in Fire Glass Doors the sector and make the first brand work. 
In today's high safety and security life requirement, it closely follows the contemporary information, constantly renews the manufacturing technologies and combines the quality difference with the aesthetic with its measurable quality principle.
In addition to its headquarters and showroom in Istanbul Dudullu, REMAK has 2 different production facilities in Ömerli and Dudullu. In these facilities, every product that is studiously produced from the first stage to the final stage of the production is monitored by the quality control department with great care to prevent possible errors.

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