Fire Resistant Glass Automatic Sliding Doors

Brand: Remak

Remak Fire Resistant Glass Automatic Sliding Doors; provide isolation, smoke tightness and integrity for 30 minutes in fire. Fire resistant class is EI 30 .

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It is used in all buildings, around the fire stair, fire halls and escape corridors, system rooms, elevator lobbies and all places to be protected.

• Steel profile, stainless steel profile, fire glass
• It is tested in accordance with DIN EN 1634-1: 2000-03 and DIN EN 1363-1: 1999-10 norms and manufactured with Fuego Light profile systems.
• It can be designed with single wing, double wing and fixed partition.
• Material can be choosen stainless steel or galvanized steel.
• Fire resistant sliding doors in closed position provides full protection during the fire and prevents the fire from spreading.
• An additional panic escape door is required to provide escape, or panic break-out system can be added into wings.