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Çinici Architecture

About the Company

It was founded by Altuğ and Behruz Çinici in Ankara in 1963 to realize the Middle East Technical University campus project and implementation. Companies From this date, education, and especially university structures, from housing to showing a wide area of ​​activities ranging from various state structures, projects and implementation activities, as well as some construction techniques pioneered the practice in Turkey (bare-mixed concrete and precast concrete panel applications such as), has conducted competition projects and research studies.
Çinici Mimarlık office, which has taken a very important place in Turkish architecture for the last 35 years, is the recipient of important awards in national and international fields, including the Simavi foundation of 1985 and the Işbank awards of 1986, 1994 – 4. It is possible to count the National Architecture Award and the 1995 Ağa han Award given for the project and construction of the Grand National Mosque.
With the participation of Can Çinici in the project management, the company operating in Istanbul has been specialized especially in "residential" and "marina" projects in the last 10 years.


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Çinici Architecture

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