Compact Laminated Bathroom Countertop

Brand: G-Form®/Forming Compact Elements

G-Form is a revolutionary new compact grade laminate technology which allows the user to form the full thickness of the compact sheet. It combines the practicality and wear resistance of standard compact grade by integrating the aesthetic benefits of allowing curves and shapes to be formed. Forming process is done by a few leading companies around the world who has the technology of bending compact laminates.

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G-form is used The compacts are bent and formed in various shapes using special production techniques at Tavilo. They are used in numerous areas and spaces such as decorative curves and bends on interior-exterior corners, windowsills, handrails, laboratory benches, at houses and offices and garden furniture.

Produced in S, L, U forms
Thickness range: 4-16 mm

ISO 9001:2008, CE, FSC
EN Classification: CGS- CGF, EN 438-4,TÜV, NORD-KİWA