Antibacterial Laminated Panel

Brand: G-Bio®/Antibacterial Laminate

G-Bio is produced by a nano-technology which has antibacterial properties providing extra protection against the forming and existing of bacterias. ® G-Bio is an indispensable product for the areas where hygienic protection is essential. Antibacterial® properties of G-Bio ensure the elimination of 99% of bacterias within 24 hours; this claim is scientifically proven and certificated.

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It has become a product which is used safely and increasingly in day to day applications such as kitchens, surgery rooms, swimming pools, saunas, toilets, countertops and benches. It is an incisive choice for hospitals, medical centers, houses and public buildings.

Thickness range: 0,8 mm – 20 mm
Dimensions: 1400x3660 mm / 1540x3050 mm / 1540x3660 mm

EN Classification: CGS, CGF EN 438-4, ISO 9001:2008,TSE, FSC