Easy to Clean-Compact Laminated Board

Brand: G-Com Anti Graffiti® Easy to Clean Surface

G-Com Anti Graffiti is a high pressure laminate adjusted for the use as a surface material in areas that are exposed to graffiti or vandalism. Together with a special surface treatment for high surface performance (high abrasion, high scratch and high resistance against different types of paint / markers / cleaners used in graffiti ) ® makes G-Com Anti Graffiti one of the best products available.

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In school desks, dining tables, office tables, WC partition applications and many other areas. It provides solutions against writing, scratching, staining and staining.

Thickness: 2 mm - 20 mm
Dimensions: 1540 mm x 3660 mm

EN Classification: CGS, CGF, EN 438-4, ISO 9001:2008, TSE , FSC