Building Acoustics Design

Building acoustics is a branch of science that studies sound insulation issues in buildings. The acoustic report required at the license stage in architectural projects is prepared by D1 certified experts. In order to direct your projects in the most efficient way in building acoustics, it is recommended to choose architect acoustics experts to better understand the project and analyze the details with the right decisions.

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All building types

Sound insulation is an issue that should be carefully detailed according to the type of structure and the sensitivity of the rooms to sound, taking into account the sounds caused by impacts and mechanical equipment as well as airborne sounds. Basically sound insulation in buildings;
• Airborne sound insulation between spaces
• Inter-site impact sound insulation
• It includes the measures taken to ensure sound insulation on the building facade and roof elements and insulation of environmental noise.
In these matters, it is necessary to determine the precautions to be taken not only in the section of the structural element but also in the connection details and fasteners. The sound insulation value of the common building element section is not decisive alone. Many mistakes and incorrect calculations made in connection and connection details reduce the sound insulation values ​​and these errors occur after the project is implemented. Building acoustic performance certificate is a document issued according to the sound insulation value measurement results after the building construction process is completed. For this reason, it is essential to prepare an acoustic report by experienced experts.