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Volume Acoustics Design

Volume acoustics is a branch of science that examines the control and design of many parameters such as reverberation time, clarity, sound power level in interior spaces. Due to the importance of sound absorption properties and correct positioning of building materials, especially interior finishing surfaces, the most accurate results are obtained by using simulation programs by expert architects.

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About the Product
1Application Area

Conference halls, concert halls, event centers, etc.


When designing volume acoustics, it should be well known how the sound in the environment should be managed according to the sound absorption properties of the materials and the intended use. For example, according to the acoustic criteria of the sound in a conference hall, the reverberation time, sound power level and sound intelligibility and the parameters of the theater differ from each other, and the correct sound absorption, scattering and reflectivity features should be selected in the correct position. Just as our experiences in living spaces designed with the harmony of the right colors and using the right ceiling heights and natural lighting and ventilation provide us with a positive perception, it also makes people feel more comfortable and able to understand people, music and speakers better in a volume with a correct acoustic design. With the awareness of the structural features of the human ear, the physical behavior of sound, how the surfaces and geometries of building materials affect sound waves, acoustic designs suitable for the intended use of the volume (music, speech, theater, opera, etc.) are made in the most accurate way with our academic and active experience and presented to the customer.