Tinted Float Glass

Brand: Şişecam Renkli Düzcam

Şişecam Tinted Flat Glass is the brand of colored blended glasses of Şişecam Flat Glass. It is obtained by adding coloring agents to the frit during the float process. Green, gray, bronze, blue, turquoise and dark gray colors are available. By performing secondary processes to Şişecam Tinted Flat Glass product, insulating glass unit, laminated glass, tempered glass, partially tempered glass, enamel glass, curved glass, coated glass, mirror can be produced.

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In all buildings that require solar control, mainly non-residential buildings with curtain walls; It is used in windows, parapets, in front of walls, skylights, glass balconies and railings. It is also used in decoration as tables, coffee tables, shelves, doors, shower cabinets and partition glass.

Thickness (mm): 4,5,6,8,10