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About the Product
1Application Area

TP654 Multifunctional 1050 PA is used to seal the joinery against heavy rain and provides a high level of airtightness, heat and sound insulation. The high performance TP654 can fulfill the airtightness classification for passive houses thanks to its airtight feature.


• High performance in rain and air tightness - 1050 Pa
• Good thermal and acoustic insulation
• Water vapor/moisture permeability = variable Sd value
• Airtight film with variable sd value meeting RAL principle "variable water vapor permeability"
• Secure airtight mounting on the window frame and wall thanks to its 3-layer foam structure
• Wider areas of use for joint sealing between 6 and 30 mm
• Air permeability a < 0.05 m3
• Thermal conductivity λ = 0.045 W/m/K
• Acoustic isolation 60 dB

3Quality Assurance Certificates

Passive House Certificate, VOC Emission Certificate, EC1+ Certificate