Polymer Bituminous Waterproofing Membranes

Brand: ODE Membran

Waterproofing feature of bitumen, which was known for several eras, was developed with polymer additives such as APP and SBS and its specifications of full water impremeability, long life and easy application in various climate conditions were perfected.

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Building (roof, flooring and walls)

Polymer type: APP ve SBS
Reinforcement type: Fiberglass or non-woven polyester
Thickness: 2-3-3,5-4 mm
Cold Flexibility: -5°C, -10°C, -20°C
Tensile strength (length/width):
min. 300/200 N/5 cm
min. 300/200 N/5 cm
min. 400/200 N/5 cm
min. 400/300 N/5 cm
min. 600/400 N/5 cm
min. 800/600 N/5 cm