Polyfin 3018 FPO Geomembrane

Brand: Polyfin®

It is an environmentally friendly waterproofing geomembrane which is structurally non-aging, glass fiber-reinforced, insulation of new roofs, renovation of old roofs and also can be used in foundation and curtain insulation.

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Trapezoidal Metal Sheet Roofs with Heat Insulation
Reinforced Concrete Flat Roofs
Renovation of Existing Bitumen Membrane Roofs
Renovation of Existing Sandwich Panel Roofs
Terrace and green roofs
Foundation and curtain insulation

Actual Thickness: DIN EN 1849-2 1.8 mm
Resistance to Impact: DIN EN 12691 > 550 mm
Tear Resistance: DIN EN 12310-2 ≥ 150 N
Tensile Strength: DIN EN 12311-2 ≥ 7 N/mm2 (method B)
Elongation: DIN EN 12311-2 ≥ 500% (method B)
Dimensional Stability: DIN EN 1107-2 ≤ 0.3%
Foldability at low Temperatures: DIN EN 495-5 ≤ -50 °C

DIN EN, ISO, CE, International Product Insurance
EN 13956, EN 13967
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)
EPD (Environmental Product Decleration)
SKZ Testing GmbH