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Vivenka Architecture

About the Company

Uğur ERDEN, the founder of Vivenka Mimarlık, was born in 1986 in İzmir. He enriched his education life with various awards he won from domestic and international competitions. Uğur ERDEN, who started his business life after completing his summer term work at Tabanlıoğlu Architecture and MuuM Architecture, established his own company Vivenka Mimarlık after working in various offices and gaining gains.
Vivenka Mimarlık, which stepped into the sector in 2014, has accomplished successful works on concept projects, architectural visualization services, application projects, construction contracting services, and energy identity certificates. In addition, it provides support in the field of interior design and restoration projects. Vivenka Mimarlık has adopted the mission of creating structures that allow people to spend quality time in a quality environment while designing living spaces because it was founded on the basis of the idea of ​​"Vital Quality". Vivenka Mimarlık, which works with the aim of designing spaces not for shelter but for “living”, prioritizes minimalist thinking.


Vivenka Architecture Products

Vivenka Architecture

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