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UI Design

About the Company

UIDESIGN LAB. (UI DESIGN GRUP MİMARLIK LTD. Co.) was founded by Architect Uğur IŞIK in May 2011 and provides services in the field of "architecture - design - application". It is a formation that has a say in every field and subject within its knowledge and experience touched by architecture and design.
Architect Uğur Işık, by understanding and assimilating the act of doing architecture, each project specific to its own problems and needs; it solves its solutions and suggestions in this context. UI Design Group Architecture continues to work in a multi-disciplinary structure. These associations are shaped according to the content and needs of the study. Işık, who advances his work in every field touched by design and where he can exhibit his skills, shares his experiences gained throughout his working life with his employers in his professional life.

UI Design Products

UI Design

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