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Tromp Architecture

About the Company

Tromp Mimarlık was founded in 2010 by Nihal Kayapa.
Since its establishment, it has been producing projects of different scales such as residences, residences, hospitals, hotels, offices, which are human and environment in the center. We do not believe in the common distinctions such as architecture, interior architecture and landscape architecture. In our opinion, architecture is a holistic activity. When all parts of the system that affect the whole are considered at the same time, a sustainable architecture can be put forward. For this reason, Tromp Mimarlık is expanding its experience and capacity by always taking part in larger structures, working with different expert groups. Thanks to its collaborative work approach, the variety of projects it undertakes and the originality of the solutions created are constantly increasing.
Tromp Mimarlık; It has always stood behind its projects, and serves with a disciplined, technical, scientific and aesthetic understanding of work.

Tromp Architecture Products

Tromp Architecture

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