Polymer / Rubber Based Thermal Insulation Materials

Brand: İzocam

It is the supplier of insulation materials with its unlimited product portfolio including heat, water, sound and fire insulation, acoustic regulation, building chemicals and all materials used in roof and facade coatings. With its experienced and competent engineer staff, wide stock advantage and modern service channels, it offers different, fast and superior service to its customers.

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All building types

Sales and distribution of all kind of materials which used in foundations, facades and roofs applications : rockwool, glasswool, ceramic wool, foam, XPS, EPS, elastomeric rubber, valve jackets, polyethylene, OSB, shingle, sheathing system, drainage plates, breathing roof covers, construction chemicals, aluminum, flexible ventilation ducts, acoustic sponges, bituminous and PVC membranes, gypsum board, betopan and all other auxiliary materials