Ceiling and Lighting Integration Systems | S-OMEGA

Brand: durlum

durlum's ceiling-lighting combination S-OMEGA places special emphasis on the life of the space and combines practical use with prestigious elegance. S-OMEGA is a linear metal suspended ceiling system and is carried through the OMEGA lighting channel integrated into the ceiling and is compatible with different mechanical systems as well as lighting. It has the desired flexibility for projects in material, surface, dimensions and acoustic application.

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Airports, train and metro stations, shopping malls, hospitals, schools and universities, museums and galleries, banks, administrative buildings

Integrated ceiling-lighting system, versatile application, acoustic feature, flexible design, colored or motif printed

ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:14001, CE, TAIM,
DIN, DGNB, VDE, Interseroh, Energy Regulation
ISO 50001