Decorative Suspended Ceiling System | DOMUS®

Brand: durlum

DOMUS® curved ceiling systems are perfect when it comes to setting new architectural trends.The DOMUS® ceiling elements can used with different types of vaults. An integrated stiffner on the longitudinal sides of the elements provides a long-lasting and precise shape. DOMUS® can be supplied as a smooth or perforated ceiling element made from either steel or aluminium. The ceiling elements with expanded metal and WAVE® 16-76 are also highly aesthetic.

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Airports, train and metro station, shopping centers, clinics, schools and universities, museum and galleries, banks, office buildings, residential

The ridge height H maximum of 350 mm, with a maximum element length L max of 3,200 mm and a width of 1,200 mm.
The concave-convex vaulted ceiling system can for example be dropped and adjusted without the need for tools [S8 system]. During reconfigurations, the panels can remain mounted on the ceiling.
Acoustically effective.

DGNB, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9001:14001, CE, TAIM, DIN, DGNB, VDE, Interseroh