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Studio AVC
Studio AVC

Studio AVC

Studio AVC is an architectural and interior design firm that offers a bespoke and creative approach to help deliver exciting and innovative designs. It aims to design buildings with minimal impact on the environment and to promote a strong sustainable ethic.
He frequently develops projects on private residential projects, commercial projects such as offices, restaurants and shops, and large projects such as renovation projects. The office's project experience includes the development of many mixed-use projects, cultural buildings and large-scale master plans in the UK and worldwide, as well as smaller scale projects including expansions and renovations.
As a small business that sees itself as creative as a team and pushes standards to be conceptual and creative, Studio AVC's strength lies in nurturing creativity and personal service, consistent with its "small is beautiful" approach.
With a sense of context, he shapes his architectural ideas with an understanding of functional constraints and a desire to engage people. The design team believes that buildings are supported by a structure in its purest form, including services that allow it to function, integrate sustainably with the local environment and provide a quality natural light that uplifts the spirits. The office's motivation is the harmony of these various elements to produce consistently high quality architecture.
The office's current projects include architectural and interior design consultancy services for many residential and office expansion and renovation projects in the UK, as well as cultural facilities such as the Color House Theatre in London.