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SG Interior Architecture

About the Company

SG İçmimarlık aims to produce spatial solutions that can meet the needs of contemporary life in the rapidly changing scene of the world. SG İçmimarlık, which mainly specializes in working and living spaces, operates in a wide range of areas from urban projects to object design. Thanks to the materials and technologies it uses, it aims to overcome existing or potential problems with correct solutions. In this process, it responds to complex programs with the professional associations it creates.
It believes that a qualified production is possible thanks to an interactive dialogue with the employer as well as the continuity of the process. It adopts this approach as the most important tool to provide a quality space experience to the user. Aiming to bring a new breath to the architectural environment with its energy, SG İçmimarlık transforms many layers of the design action from concept design to project management into reality for you.

SG Interior Architecture Products

SG Interior Architecture

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