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SAMET A.Ş., the leading furniture accessory brand in Turkey, was established in 1973 in Istanbul. The company maintains its leading position in the furniture accessory market thanks to its product variety in excess of 2400 items all created by means of a technology commensurate with the requirements of the era as well as its experience going back 43 years in the sector. SAMET A.Ş. presently employs 1,400 employees at its modern and high capacity manufacturing facilities equipped with state of the art technology and spread over an area of 80,500 m² with 32,000 m² of enclosed space. A total of 130 people are employed in R&D department of SAMET A.Ş. that places importance in innovation and design. SAMET A.Ş. with more than 500 dealers in the domestic market, exports to a total of 110 countries in 5 continents.

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