Rock Wool Insulated Sandwich Roof Panel

Brand: Teknopanel

With rock wool insulated sandwich roof panels, you can quickly and easily cover the roofs of buildings that carry fire risk and where flammable and explosive materials are stored, as well as increase fire resistance, provide heat, moisture, water and sound insulation with the stone wool insulation filling it has. Rock wool insulated sandwich roof panels, which create comfortable and safe environments with high energy efficiency and comply with international standards, ensure that the desired openings can be passed safely with their 5-rib form. Teknopanel offers PUR, PIR and EPS insulation filling alternatives besides rock wool insulation fillings in accordance with your needs.

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It is used in buildings with steel, prefabricated or reinforced concrete carrier systems in a wide range of usage areas such as industrial, social, military, agricultural, prefabricated, construction sites, housing.

• 5 ribs outer surface form
• Applicable on roof slopes above 5%
• Usage in buildings with fire safety needs
• Useful width: 1000 mm
• Length: production flexibility between 2 m and 12 m
• The thermal conductivity coefficient varies according to the insulation core and panel thickness used.
• Rock wool insulated panel thicknesses 50, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150 mm
• Metal interior and exterior options: Painted galvanized sheet, painted aluminum or natural embossed aluminum
• Paint options: Standard polyester or optional PVdF, PVC, plastisol

GOST, CE, TS EN 14509, TS EN ISO 9001