Insulated Continuous Panel Sector Activities

Sandwich panel is an industrial product produced by using polyurethane, rock wool, glass wool and EPS in various thicknesses and densities between both sides of painted galvanized sheet or painted natural aluminum sheet. Sandwich panel is a composite roof and facade cladding material for industrial buildings and provides high level of heat, water, sound and fire insulation in the areas where it is used.

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• To provide cooperation in the sector,
• To carry out more effective and stronger lobbying activities on behalf of its members,
• To share development-oriented information, to follow the changes, standards and developments more closely,
• To raise awareness in the market for products that comply with the standards (EN 14509), to provide market control and surveillance,
• To prevent unfair competition and protect the members who produce correctly,
• It provides services with the aim of enabling manufacturers to meet with raw material, accessory, machinery and equipment manufacturers on more advantageous terms.