Coppo Domus Fiammingo Tile

Brand: Braas

With the newest traditional tile Coppo Domus Fiammingo, quality and aesthetics are reflected in the traditional roof design in a bold and original way. For those who cannot give up the enchanting beauty of traditional tiles. Thanks to its antique appearance, high and wide curved design, Coppo Domus Fiammingo adds value to the new and renovation roofs in classical architectural style and brings the wind of antiquity to your roof with its nose design that gives a hand-shaped feeling.

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Villa or apartment anywhere in the sloping roof with all the housing in Turkey, tourist and recreational facilities, public buildings and so on. It can be used safely in all buildings within the Braas tile application principles.

• Material: Clay-based tile
• Dimensions: 46.2 x 28.2 cm
• Weight (piece): 3.60 kg
• Approximate consumption: 11.5 pcs / m2