Green Roof Systems

Brand: Delta®-Floraxx Top

It is a geocomposite drainage board, which consists of a perforated bubble plate and a filtration geotextile layer, offering drainage, water storage and filtration functions together, specially developed for greened flat roofs. It has an octagonal bubble structure with a height of 20 mm to provide high pressure resistance. DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP, which is resistant to plant roots and environmentally friendly, and 2 layers of the Green Roof Drainage System are offered in a single product.

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This special plate with high water holding capacity and efficient drainage of excess water is ideal for use in all rooftop gardens, small or large.

Pressure resistance: Approximately 200 kN / m²
Bubble height: 20 mm
Water holding capacity: around 7 l / m² in dry seasons
Drainage capacity: Approx. 10 l / s
Roll size: 10x2 m DELTA®-FLORAXX TOP's filtration geotextile layer is 10 cm wider as overlap.

ISO 9001: 2000, CE (EN 13252)